Lovely article, close to my own heart as someone who spent half my life growing up in Greece and then continued travel to many places. I too came back to the UK, I was wondering why you are coming back? I thought you might say in the article apart from your wish to help!

I run a free food network in my village in East Sussex called The Growing Network (https://www.facebook.com/TGN.FB), you are right there are so many wonderful initiatives happening all over the globe, it’s heart warming. I do not see the authoritarians getting their way, there are too many of us that are fully aware (and varying degrees thereof), they have blown it, what a shambles!!

I look forward to reading more from you.

Jo Morphy x

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Good luck with the re-dis-/re-location. I think British democratic accountability and transparency is in a very, very bad way. The most depressing thing is I'm not sure how they can begin to be restored or improved, from here. But perhaps there's a way.

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