I've seen Australia's nightmare scenario unfolding on the news, but your firsthand and finely written account hits harder than any media report. By the way, nice to see you having the courage to put your name on the blog. I'm also a teacher, but I decided to keep my Substack anonymous for career protection. I feel a bit guilty about that, as I do feel more people need to speak up these days.

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Thanks for this! Extremely well-written and insightful.

I've become deep friends with several Australians over the years via social media and what I'm hearing from many of them is the stuff of my nightmares. And for it all to come on so quick and yet for it to be so unheard around the world, it does make me concerned that other so-called liberal democracies will follow suit.

Anyway, great piece! I'll be sharing this one as widely as I can!

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