From what little I know, mayors are just another bunch of self - serving individuals riding the gravy train at public expense. What with shady corporate influence in the background, the interlocking nature of large corporations, politics and organisations such as the WEF, we have a hugely complex and insoluble puzzle. What can be said is that none of it is for the good of the general public. It is for the benefit of those with money, influence and power. Even so-called philanthropists give very little in terms of their overall wealth and are believed to exert their influence to negotiate deals to their benefit in return. These people, with the aid of public relations experts, generate a wonderful image of themselves, and many members of the public fall for it, to the point of admiration.

Even if I liked city living, I would think very carefully before moving to a city, or even a medium-sized town. A "market town" with essential amenities such as food shops and a public library may be ideal. Finding employment with a short commute could be a problem, though.

Although safety is of great importance, the ill - considered UK legislation on electric bicycles is ridiculously restrictive. US - style regulations are far more sensible. This would widen the appeal of ebikes and financially boost that sector. Or are the authorities afraid they'll lose income from ripping off motorists for car tax or in schemes such as ULEZ? Greenwash!

Having said this we need to try to be aware, to read between the lines, to look behind what authority figures are saying or doing.

If Khan is re -elected, it will be because people are naive and prone to being manipulated.

I think the concepts of "left" and "right" have become so blurred that such terms are losing their meaning. What's on offer from the Conservatives and Labour in the next general election won't be very different in all probability. I don't plan to vote unless I'm fortunate enough to be able to vote for the REFORM party. I won't say they're flawless, but for example MP Andrew Bridgen seems to be on the side of the public, at considerable cost to his career and himself.

Both Charles Eisenstein and Vandana Shiva have videos on Youtube. In their different ways they bring essential wisdom to us. Indeed, our disconnection from the Earth is one of the root causes of the state of "civilisation" today. We're disconnected from Nature, each other and our essential spiritual selves. Spending quiet time in the countryside helps us return to our roots. Doing this helps to regain poise, balance, connection and inner strength. We need to regain our power, our sovereignty as individuals, our dignity, our honour and our love and respect for Nature and each other. Even in the face of the insanity that surrounds us. Find your power, know your power and live your power!

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Thank you for your thoughtful and comprehensive comments.

Just to respond to a couple of points: with the current direction of travel, a market town won't prove a sanctuary. Many will fall into combined authorities and so mayoral powers over transport, planning etc will cover them too.

The only solution - and there is one, although it may take a long time to come through - is for more people to see what is going on, re-activate their inner authority and start acting accordingly! Nothing is inevitable. The majority of humans do not need to live as livestock unless they choose to do so.

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Thanks for raising my awareness with this most informative and concerning article.

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