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Happier New Year Alex!

Here is another site (Zach Bush): https://farmersfootprint.us/

(The word ‘psyche’ in Greek means Soul, so in your text replace it with ‘ego’)

According to mystics, every person born at this time will face all the challenges of our time in his/her life time.

Keep up your spirit, courage, love, compassion, reverence and physical body.

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Thank you Alex - great piece!

The responses outlined here are also listed by Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone in Active Hope, regarding how we approach human-driven ecological and environmental destruction. The Work That Reconnects people have in general been typically pro covid restrictions and all that's gone along with them, and this made me wonder about agendas and how we use the same psychological analyses to diagnose what is going on with whoever it is we think is not seeing what we are seeing. And it's always our own agenda which is the important one, of course.

I would previously have seen climate change etc as our biggest and scariest challenge, and now I see it in the rise of authoritarianism, and the fear of the former as being used to further the latter. Maybe I should be wondering if my fear of authoritarianism is hiding another even deeper issue? Just throwing out my thoughts and not sure where they are taking me!

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Brilliant Alex, a truly informative piece thank you.

Together we go forward to create the new world.

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Happy new year to you May it brings us freedom on all level’s.🙏🏽🌺🦋

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Act for yourself, think for yourself and work for yourself. Find empowerment in self-sufficiency.

check www.self-sufficiency.net

Good luck

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We could but we won't

We should but we don't

We mess with the Earth

Want bounty not dearth

So we take what we can

For self-serving man

We escaped from our caves

But the poor are still slaves

And the rich run the show

As all governments know

All our money is debt

Can't pay it back yet

Farmers murder our soil

While we love to burn oil

You can see with your eyes

It's not very wise

Our kids sure will suffer

when the show hits the buffer

Our lives could be good

How I wish that they would

But our culture is bust

We can't do what we must

So that's why I'm mad

and angry and sad

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Sensational stuff. I purchased a print of The Good Reset from Bobs Cartoons so I can look at it when I forget where we are trying to get (back) to. I m volunteering, among others, for Australia Exits the WHO https://australiaexitsthewho.com/ which involves global groups trying to rid our nations of the cabals trojan horse - the WHO's IHR amendments. Rather live on my feet than die on my knees. Lion Mum from Downunder.

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Love your comment (and afterword) on being anarchic Alex. Verbing it removes the label ! Really enjoyed the clarity and succinct overview of responses (and the illustrations).

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